Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Seafood by Ethan

We have found 1 type of seafood and tonight we have also eaten something similar to it (although it doesn't taste as nice to me).

We found the first type of seafood on Booti Booti beach.  They are called Pippies.  We found them under little mounds of sand but we had to dig down quite deep to get them.  The Pippies dug down using their big yellow tongues but we were too fast for them!  Did you know if you touch a Pippies tongue it squirts water out in defense.

When we got them off the beach we put them in a bucket with sand and water and the next day we washed them out and put them in a pan of boiling water and ate them for dinner with the other seafood which was local oysters!

The oysters didn't taste as good I think.  If you look on the outside of Pippies they look quite different to mussels but inside they look the same but white instead of orange.


  1. Wo that's amazing, how did you know what to look for? You really are the adventurous five! Love Emma xx

  2. dear sohpie what are yuo doing at australia / yuo are my frind i love yuo love from eva howard-birt