Wednesday, 1 October 2014

From Ethan

We've been having a great time in Australia; we've seen so many interesting birds - even a mohecan pigeon! We've seen kangaroos, rock wallabies and all sorts of wildlife we've even seen a crocodile! We've been to a lot of beaches and it's about thirty degrees so we have to put sun screen and hats and swimmers with rash vests on every day!

The day ends at 6ish so we see the moon more and it's different its a smiley face! And it's sometimes orange. The stars are different too.
At the campsite we see lots of different campervans some are even house shape which look fun to live in. It's very fun living in a campervan because we children get to sleep in the top bit and we also get to have lots of barbies!

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  1. Wow it sounds like fun campervaning do you go to bed earlier and get up earlier if it gets dark so early?
    Love you all