Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Freeway Entertainment

Spotted these guys on the way to Fusa the other day. Makes traffic lights more bearable.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

More Old Friends

Over the last fortnight, we have been enjoying meeting up with old friends. Below are some of the children I used to look after in the children's home with their families. It's been amazing to meet them again and to hear about their lives. I've been amazed at how fondly they remembered our time together 19 years ago as I do! I lived across the road from them and spent some of every day with the nine boys. We felt very much like family. They are all working so hard to make a living to support their families now. Three of them have little girls with whom Sophie has played so beautifully! 
John Alex

 This picture includes Grant and Kathleen, the American missionaries we are staying with in their home in the north of Bogota. They are such an incredible example to us, so welcoming and hospitable, patient and kind. They've been in Bogota 20 years this year and have served in many different ministries across this city of 10 million people.

Carolina - two of her brothers were in the home, one sadly has died since I was here, and I've not managed to contact the other.

 John Jairo and Ruben, outside Ruben's cafe.