Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Magnetic Island

A few days ago we went to "Maggie" Island 20 minutes off the mainland from Townsville where we had a really amazing time! We saw 3 koalas and a wedge tailed eagle the largest eagle in Australia. The first koala was large and hunched and the second was the cutest, it woke up and was just about to reach out for a eucalyptus leaf when it fell asleep again. The third koala was fat although not as fat as the first one, he looked furrier than the others. I wanted them to fall out of the tree into our arms so we could cuddle them! They mainly sleep and eat; they can sleep for 23 hours a day because of the drug in eucalyptus leaves.

Also on Maggie Island we went through a butterfly forest which was full of hundreds of butterflies many of which had intricate black patterns. In that forest we saw lots of noisy flying foxes - fruit bats!
Love Joseph

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  1. It sounds amazing Joseph, and why is it called Magnetic Island?
    Love you all