Wednesday, 29 October 2014


We have just had the best weekend at Dorrigo folk and bluegrass festival high up in the mountains of northern New South Wales!  We've listened to some amazing and inspiring bands, some locally grown and some from USA and Canada.  The headliners were Chris Henry and the Hardcore Bluegrass from Nashville!!  Wow!! I've always loved mandolin but I've never heard mandolin like it, it was so foot tappingly brilliant!!  The whole festival kicked off with a hoe-down.  We tried our best with limited accessories to look as country as possible.... we had the best time and felt quite at home.  We spent a lot of time talking about how many of our friends and family would have just loved to be here too. 

Four of us bought festival t-shirts. Felt very Greenbelt!

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  1. Wow that sounds so cool, we def would have enjoyed that with you guys. Like the t-shirts- also very cool, did the 3 adults get them too? Did lots of people dance?
    Love you guys
    Em et al xxx