Monday, 22 December 2014


Isn't this a beautiful crab!!

This is Trigg beach from the rock jetty the children love so much

My favourite place - the ocean!

We are now all settled in to Perth Bible College where we'll be for 6 weeks!  It feels so different from being on the road.  Part of me is still itching to be nomadic but I have to say clean clothes, beds that don't need unrolling and de-sanding every night, a fridge that just stays plugged into electricity all the time without anyone needing to angst about it ..... these are a few of the many luxuries of staying put for a while.  We will do some camping up and down the coast to find various wonderful relatives who don't live in Perth but for the next few weeks we'll just be here.  We've had some lovely reunions with family we've not seen in over a decade which is so special ... and there are many more of those occasions to come.  The children are amazed to discover so many more children cousins they didn't know they had.  

Giles and I are trying to start a regular routine of running to the beach in the mornings before the sun gets too hot which happens at 7.30am followed by homeschooling.  My Dad, Juliet, Venetia and John have the little bungalow next to ours so we have lots of visitors.  Tonight we're hoping to go to the cathedral for a carol concert (probably one of those ones you're not supposed to take children to, but I think we will).  Only having a week to prepare for Christmas feels very different and so does the celebrating.  We're having a big family party in a park, with everyone bringing meat for the barbie and a salad, sounds good and relaxed!  Happy Christmas!

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  1. Hi all, well, I write from my new computer (woohoo) so I can now actually catch up all your blogs without it taking an hour to load each page! Sorry I've been absent from commenting for a few months. Keeping up with 3 blogs is a little tricky.
    So exciting that you're all in Perth and enjoying the beaches. So lush that you like Trigg Beach best so far. Have you been body boarding?
    All's good here, 2 sleeps till Christmas so getting excited. We picked up Zachary's new bike for Christmas today so he's rather excited and Arlais is getting a princess tent from us and a princess dressing up dress from Aunty Jean and Uncle Roy so we're going to have a very exciting Christmas day I think! Praying that the most exciting thing will be celebrating the good news and great gift of Jesus' birth.

    Love you all so much!