Monday, 22 December 2014

Kid cave explorers!!! by Joseph

On Trigg beach we found a jetty of rocks stretching into the sea; in these rocks we found lots of tunnels of caves and explored them.  Here are some of the photos I took of inside and the entrance to the caves.

This is the deep entrance hole to the tunnels

I took this photo through a hole in the wall of rock we have to climb under

A hollow bit in the ceiling covered in moss because of a channel that sometimes drips water into the cave.  You can put your hand through the ceiling into the channel.

Ethan in a large crack in the ceiling.

The first exit.

Trigg beach is one of my favourite beaches so far.  The caves are only just big enough for us so a lot of people won't be able to fit.  The rocks are very spiky and unforgiving as they're made of sandstone mixed with coral. Arches, caves and craters are amongst some of the small, cool natural things we've found.  Trigg beach is full of rocky outcrops and we're hoping to explore a bigger one soon.

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