Monday, 22 December 2014

Airplane day by Ethan


Today,we had brekky, did homeschooling (as you can see), packed up,and drove to the airport.At the airport,we weighed all of our bags and went through all the security and all of the boring stuff until we got to our gate .Then we bought sweets and waited at our gate until the plane came. When it arrived we boarded and instantly Joseph and I started playing our games on the inflight entertainment screens. When the plane took off we had sucky sweets and watched movies! We watched Rio 2, ice age 4, Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone and number 4 was the iron giant! It took us 6 hours 45 minutes to get to Perth from Auckland. We had lunch and afternoon tea on the flight! It was really hot when we got to Perth it smelt really eucalyptussy. I thought it would feel really city-like but actually it feels like a village. I feel really excited about being here for Christmas. It's really nice meeting aunty patsy and uncle bob for the first time and trish and her family - it's odd, I've got a cousin who's the same age as me - Jackson, it's so good.

Happy Christmas from Ethan

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