Sunday, 7 September 2014

Beach party!

This is our mum and my aunty Venetia having ice Cream!


  1. Hey you guys. Looks like you're having a whole tonne of fun! Feels like you're the other side of the world... We had L&P soup for lunch, first soup of the slide into Autumn; followed by Ash's apple and blackberry crumble- now who's jealous eh!! Nathan made a crossbow in the back garden which we've decided cannot be used anywhere without a clear 100m radius around the perpetrator. I discovered a resident hedgehog on the skipton allotment so will hopefully soon be building it a hotel/eco-home make it's home.

  2. also wanted to say a huge thanks for the superb gift you prepared before departure (two crazy buskers in case you don't recall). What a pearl! Have to admit, though, that it's been switched off a few meal-times this week as it's simply too enjoyably bouncy. Big thanks and love to you all xx Joel