Saturday, 24 January 2015

Kings Park

A Grass Tree

Happy New Year at Kings Park - all zinc-ed up! 
Banksia flower

Kings Park is my favourite non-beach place in Perth.  It is above the city with incredible views over Swan River.   You enter by Fraser Avenue which has an avenue of salmon barked huge eucalyptus trees.  When I think over so many family occasions of the past this is where they have happened!  The park covers a massive area, much of which is bushland, so dry and still at this time of year.  Banksias and grass trees flourish here.  I remember one time we were due to meet here the park was shut - a huge bushfire raging out of control, smoke billowing over the city!  We later found out my cousin (doing research into propagation by fire - which is how many trees here reproduce) was detained by the police for starting the fire .... which of course he hadn't!  

We celebrated New Year here with silly games, a picnic and a very hot walk.

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