Saturday, 24 January 2015

Down South

Sunset at Emu Point, Albany

Us watching the sunset with our dinner on the beach

The Gloucester Tree - 53m tall (scary)

We travelled down south to Albany with Venetia and John.  It was a wonderful few days of camping in areas of such outstanding beauty, even if it was chilly going south.  The fire tree was a highlight, climbing up above the canopy, being able to see Karri forest for miles around - the only place you can find these giants.

After many months of travelling together as a family John is now in Seattle, Venetia in Borneo and Dad and Juliet in Melbourne; it feels very different being just the five of us after such a long time.  We have one week left here in Perth, which is both exciting, and sad.... Sad to be leaving my beautiful extended family and this seaside city I know so well and exciting knowing the adventure is not quite over as we leave here for Bangkok!

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