Sunday, 9 November 2014

Taronga Zoo

A few days ago we went to Taronga Zoo in Sydney with Uncle John!  We went on the tube, the ferry and a cable car to get there. There were animals from everywhere in the world, even really rare ones like snow leopards and Tasmanian devils.

Highlights from joseph: was seeing some of my favourite animal:  zebras, anacondas, and lemurs and also the brilliant bongos, elephants and giraffes.  Bongos are like very big gazelles with the same twisty horns but with a dark brown head, with white cheeks and eyebrows and a stripped black and light brown body and legs.

Highlights from Ethan: my favourite animals from the zoo were the seals, birds, snakes, lizards, sun bears, elephants, snow leopards and giraffes.

There were some shows we saw the first one was seals which could do handstands, acrobatics, cool swimming, amazing jumping and diving and a shark impression- we even saw them balancing a ball on their nose.

The second show was the bird show which included the aboriginal story of how the birds got their colours, black breasted buzzards who could naturally crack open an emu egg by picking up a stone in their beak and throw it on the emu egg to crack it open: it looked really funny doing it!  Galahs that could steal coins from the audience (and give it back), and owls that could find a hidden sound recorder just by following the sound.

We had a really great day!  You should definitely go there if you're in Sydney.

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