Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Epic journey

Today was The Epic Journey Day! We travelled from Canberra to Daylesford changing state from New South Wales to Victoria! 700km of freeway, single track, dirt road later and we are very pleased (and only a little stiff) to have arrived at the spa capital of Australia! We had our first very close encounter with 3 kangaroos jumping in front of the van, such beautiful, fluid movements and wonderfully they lived to jump another day!

Here it feels like England in May and even has the flora to prove it! Elderflowers, forget-me-nots and even goose grass are found here among the eucalypts. We have our fire pit roaring and are about to toast ourselves some marshmallows while the rosellas, cockatoos, correllas and even a couple of peacocks sit and watch us.

We are now 7 rather than 5 or 6 as Uncle John has joined us for the last push along the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne!

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