Tuesday, 19 August 2014

We've Arrived in Hong Kong!

I love Hong Kong, even though it's boiling hot! It's really fun, we had loads of yummy food for dinner. Ethan.

On our plane we had dinner and breakfast (according to the time zone breakfast was at lunch time ).It was an amazing flight and had awesome movies .it was the longest flight I have ever been on!Joseph.

We are having a very nice time. We are in Hong Kong. We goes in a ferry and we seed lots do monkeys in the zoo. The tram up the mountain was very quick. We live up lots of steps but there aren't real windows, it's very quiet but noisy on the street. Love Sophie

The last time I was here in Hong Kong was when I was 11 years old; needless to say we have both changed a lot! It was comforting this morning to walk down Salisbury Road past the space museum and the art gallery looking the same as I remember and running to catch the same Star Ferry!  Crossing the water to Hong Kong Island was just as magical, the minutes of still before the busyness starts again.  The number of skyscrapers is phenomenal and walking on high level walkways to avoid the roads feels lovely and safe as a family.  There was a terrific downpour when we were at the top of The Peak so we ran under a pagoda to shelter.


  1. Really glad to hear that you've arrived safely - hopefully not too jet lagged… Love the photo.

  2. So exciting! When are you doing Stanley Market? Need lots of photos please. SJ

  3. Finally we are reading your blog...hoooray! Joseph the flight sounded awesome, ethan glad the food is yummy, sophie where are the windows? Em, I love walking in familiar places...years on.... giles have you found a good cafe for ice coffees! Venetia lovely to see you in the photo...feed us with more photos.....love you all, ruthxx

  4. So tell me... What is the best thing you've eaten so far? What is the most unusual/unfamiliar thing you've seen so far? (one of the memories from our travels that I always smile at, is seeing three live pigs strapped on the back-rack of a moped that was tearing down the street.) Who is the most interesting/intriguing person you've spoken to so far? And already it's probably time to move on. Enjoy the rest of your time in HK. Love to you all. Joel x

  5. Right on Chanots... sounds incredibubble! I love all that plane stuff - not sure I'm ever going to be grow up enough to find long haul flights dull. Tram up the mountain sounds fun and the view looks amazing... enjoy adventurers... looking forward to more tales from the other side of the wwwwoooorrrrrllllddddddd, love Ian