Friday, 29 August 2014

Loving it

Here are some photos of us in Australia. We are having a great time and have been visiting some of the places we went to ten years ago. Here is one of Ethan with a 
Rainbow Lorikeet on his head. Reminds me of our old budgie.

Here is Joseph at Wrights Lookout near Barron Falls

This is the SkyRail cable car that runs from near Cairns to Kurunda


  1. Hooray for you guys and hooray for Oz, so glad you are having some good times, how far have you driven so far? sending you lots of love Emma xx

  2. yes bro! we have the exact photo of you at Ethans age but with a blue Alfred on your head!!! :) xxxxx

  3. Fab Pictures! Looks like you are having fun :)
    The Warrens