Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Magnetic Island

He's so big and cute and sleepy!!

The top of the island! A very hot walk powered by fruit pastilles!

Kapok flowers, apparently edible but I didn't try

I shared my shower last night with this wee tree frog, he politely looked out through the lattice the whole time!

Yesterday we went over from Townsville to Magnetic Island which is mainly national park, it's such a beautiful place covered in hoop pines and  small eucalypts!  We hoped we might see koalas and we did!!!! Yey!!!! They don't move much so previous walkers had put arrows on the floor pointing to where they'd seen them! We even managed to add an arrow when we saw a third. The eucalypts were all really short so the koalas were within reach!  We managed to resist the temptation to stroke them and left them to their slumbers!

Mission Beach

Sophie ready for a night out!

Mission beach we stayed on where the children found palm sepals that float like model boats (the children think they can bring them back for bath toys).

Is this a hermit lobster?

We've been staying at Mission Beach for Giles' birthday which had a big cyclone through 3 years ago and so has the feeling of being a brand new place with old businesses beginning to open up again.  We went out for Giles birthday and were greeted by the owner - a wonderfully bohemian lady with an eye patch that said 'hi' on it - and we're told the menu was just a suggestion, we could have whatever was in the cupboards!  I'd like to run a restaurant like that!